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    nikki ty commented  · 

    It's already difficult enough to reach the Comments section which is posted after a long list of other articles and ads. But the final blow is that AOL "delivered to your mailbox" along with another ad which takes a very long time to download. You're already making the Comments difficult by posting them so far down on the screen. But this added nonsense is way out of line. NO I don't want any **** delivered to my mailbox. I have enough spam as it is. Clean up your act, AOL.

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    nikki ty commented  · 

    AOL is impossible on a desktop computer. Not only are we drowning in ads, we get ****** sites which give us long articles full of "fillers" and cut up into one or two sentence pieces. Then we have to scroll endlessly. The moment see "Slideshow" I click off onto something else. Almost half of your Desktop articles are those "Slide show" nonsense. And now you inject an AOL "Community" email ad right before the message boards ... along with yet another ad. Just makes people angry. I surely wouldn't sign up for your daily "news" knowing that I'll probably be spammed with ads. You already have very poor writers ... at least give us your shallow news without those blatant ads everywhere.

    nikki ty supported this idea  · 

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