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    CHARLENE OBRIEN commented  · 

    My iPhone email was hacked into by someone in another State (Maryland) who was able to get my stored banking information & cleaned out my bank account by logging into my aol email! Why wasn’t I notified by aol of questionable login in a timely manner and had my banking institution not notify me promptly of fraudulent charges I would never have known about this! I’m currently terminally ill with cancer and on hospice care & in no way am I able to travel across the United States to purchase anything. I also had a Chinese & then a NIGERIAN hack into my aol accounts in March & April 2019 & wasn’t notified by aol of these crimes but was informed by Apple who immediately detected that a device was used to login to my aol accounts and was able to access my iMessages, email and contacts! AOL You need to step up your security to keep aol customer information secure and PROMPTLY INFORM YOUR CUSTOMER OF A COMPROMISED AOL LOGIN BY UNKNOWN HACKERS! I had to deal with Apple & my iPhone provider to assist me in securing my login credentials and to change my login credentials by myself on 4 occasions since March 2019 which is a huge hardship as I am terminally ill with cancer and I suffer from pain and extreme fatigue as well as being heavily medicated! Please help me capture the criminal who used my bank information at various Dominos Pizza without my debit card and accessed my information by logging into my account and stealing my bank account number and depleted all my money and AOL STILL HASNT INFORMED ME OF THAT CRIME NOR DID ANYTHING ABOUT IT INCLUDING NOT INFORMING THE LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT OF THE CRIMES! Please help me bring this person to justice as you know his contact information which is included with the email I received today thanking me for the order and shows the criminals fraudulent fictitious name, delivery address & phone number along with a confirmation of the criminals order which was delivered to his home address Saturday April 20, 2019 & items that this thief ordered from dominos using my debit card at approximately 7:35pm cst! I’m afraid to use or again change my aol login credentials or login to view the mail activities of this criminal! AOL SHOULD HAVE CAUGHT THE ILLEGAL ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT BY AN UNKNOWN DEVICE. When, if ever did aol intend to inform me of unusual activity and block access to my aol addressed? This has been an ordeal for me to figure out and leaves me without my own funds until after the bank investigation is complete! I live very rural and I don’t even have any money to purchase food or gasoline or pay for my cancers medications! I have been a loyal aol customer since the 1990’s! PLEASE REPORT TO POLICE AND SECURE MY ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY! I’m so scared that this criminal has access to my personal saved accounts information and saved credit card information! Help!l sfcrazycats@

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