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    Under Review  ·  217 comments  ·  AOL App for iOS » Mail  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    Frustrated commented  · 

    I now have to move my email to another provider since I can no longer rely on AOL to timely update my emails on my iPad. Bad for business. I let you know weeks ago about this issue. After all these years you failed me.

    Frustrated commented  · 

    Emails on my iPad still do not populate sometimes up to 24 hours after getting a notification on my iPad that an email has come in. I have discovered that if I go to my iPhone to read the email by clicking on the app and displaying the email, that then my iPad often will populate with the missing emails. It appears that my iPhone seems to populate much quicker. To reiterate for the benefit of the AOL tech, when I get a notification of an email coming in on my iPad, I find it does not populate. I then go to my iPhone and so far it appears that the same message appears on my iPhone App. I then go back to my iPad and click on the App, then the App will populate with the missing email.

    Frustrated commented  · 

    More input, my iPad shows I have a message(s) from AOL. I can read these messages if I do not open my iPad. I open my iPad and the AOL icon shows the number of unread emails. I go to the AOL app and the new email(s) is not there. The AOL icon then shows a reduced number of unread emails. The reduction is equivalent to the number of emails that in fact did not download on opening the AOL app. Sometime later the emails appear.

    Frustrated commented  · 

    Emails coming into my updated iOS iPad take forever to download. They show up on my opening screen before I use my finger or password to sign-in to my iPad. Once I sign in and go to the AOL app, the email is not there and takes forever, sometimes a day to arrive. My iPhone 7 AOL app appears to be working

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