1. your statements are so anti Trump you people are trash  ·  Reviewed

  2. I don't want any ads popping up in E-mails and while browsing the AOLwelcomepage  ·  Reviewed

  3. Please update/correct feeds for Local and Weather for Zip code 32309. No update for three days!  ·  Responded

  4. Please stop the auto play news boxes! I stop the videos and as soon as I move to the next item it starts up again! So annoying!  ·  Reviewed

  5. Aol comment not working  ·  Reviewed

  6. advertisements-i want to get rid of the ads that keep popping up on the application.  ·  Reviewed

  7. D***** ads  ·  Reviewed

  8. Restore the old spam settings. Now we only have one setting.  ·  Completed

  9. May I ask why I receive continuous Ads when using my (payed) AOL Mail account? Yes I suggest you send Ads elsewhere and not to my email.  ·  Responded

  10. Give back old sign in screen where you can see primary and secondary names and if either has messages.  ·  Reviewed

  11. Biased Headlines  ·  Reviewed

  12. Where have my Emails gone this morning????? Help.  ·  Completed

  13. Why can't we read a story without having to click "Next" after every sentence?  ·  Reviewed

  14. Flashing Ads  ·  Reviewed

  15. bulk mail  ·  Completed

  16. Ok , see if you can tone down your anti - Trump bias and give us news instead.  ·  Reviewed

  17. Liberal hack  ·  Reviewed

  18. You are abusing your customers. We all know it. AOL content is no longer readable because of the "next page" business model and ad loading.  ·  Reviewed

  19. Spam and Block  ·  Reviewed

  20. AOL Widget isn't working correctly, the Mail account is not syncing and the articles are not loading, case no. 09059676  ·  Responded

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