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  1. The email response cursor started relocating mid response a couple months ago. It is very frustrating to type or review an email response.  ·  Support Request

  2. Custom Dashboard creation from Explorer queries

  3. I Don't Think YOU Will Improve AOL.(You asked......)

  4. Receiving responses.  ·  Support Request

  5. Trump and Recession

  6. Why is AOL blocking all responses to surveys and donations in Trump emails?

  7. Things I have sent to you about GOLD response  ·  Responded

  8. How about an opt out button. Selling my data so be illegal it is MY LIFE.  ·  Reviewed

  9. Your app used too much data. make it easy to shut it down when needed.  ·  Reviewed

  10. Improve Explorer queries so that you can query the exclusion of a parameter or i.e. the absence of a parameter.  ·  Gathering Feedback

  11. Why can't I reply to post!!!  ·  Closed

  12. when we ask question, be a lot fast\er a in your response.  ·  Reviewed

  13. Why have you made :Favoite Places" so complicated? I like that it is alphabetized but it is no longer easy to add a new site.  ·  Reviewed

  14. I have two suggestions, first suggestion is to provide a grammar check as you provided the spell check.  ·  Reviewed

  15. i can understand the frustration with users, especially during peak usage hours  ·  Reviewed

  16. how to clear email address in the query box-  ·  Responded

  17. Paying AOL members with positive, benign responses and comments shouldn't be censored!

  18. please date your responses  ·  Reviewed

  19. Fix your "comments" section that follows each news story. It's erratic.

  20. Posting comments on AOL articles... Mouseover "like" count is now ridiculous!  ·  Reviewed

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