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  1. Posting comments on AOL articles... Mouseover "like" count is now ridiculous!  ·  Reviewed

  2. Clearing Footprints again.  ·  Reviewed

  3. why is this app using so much more data now??  ·  Reviewed

  4. address book  ·  Support Request

  5. Duplicates when saving drafts  ·  Support Request

  6. Unauthorized change to my credit card yesterday. Card has been cancel.  ·  Support Request

  7. Where's Gold in Chat for Customer Support - they said they don't do Gold! Time wasted!  ·  Responded

  8. Any chance you can date posts in the Customer Feedback? And their responses?  ·  Reviewed

  9. Please let us know when you make updates.  ·  Responded

  10. Make "Morning After" emails responsive.

  11. My AOL Desktop Gold was not available and I called AOL to fit it. Now they have deleted all my data (folders and emails) since AOL Gold was  ·  Responded


  13. make it much easier to opt out from various data uses  ·  Responded

  14. why are my responses to news stories deleted ?

  15. Either my comments are being blocked, or they aren't being sent.

  16. If AOL is free, why are you charging me $14.40 per month? Please email me a personal response.

  17. Responses

  18. Encrypted data

  19. Stop the data sharing to the hundreds of so called partners - having to go through them periodically to reject them is very very annoying!  ·  Reviewed

  20. I need to open email in separate page. I often need more than one email open and still search inbox for more emails  ·  Gathering Feedback

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