1. AOL Widget isn't working correctly, the Mail account is not syncing and the articles are not loading, case no. 09059676  ·  Responded

  2. Quit featuring news that is OLD and seen many times on AOL!!!  ·  Reviewed

  3. can't get mail on my computer it says needs permission to sync  ·  Responded

  4. Lost emails  ·  Support Request

  5. why do we have to sign in every time we want to check our emails, please fix this  ·  Responded

  6. Drop down ads  ·  Reviewed

  7. PLEASE install the drop down menu for "stationery" themes; i.e. for birthdays, holidays etc. when sending emails.  ·  Completed

  8. Allow Users Responsibility For Their Account Passwords  ·  Reviewed

  9. Do you realize just how Anti-President Trump you are?! You should be ashamed!  ·  Reviewed

  10. the old format was much more user friendly. Is there a way to revert back to it  ·  Reviewed

  11. Stop censoring conservative comments  ·  Reviewed

  12. How do get support for this ****** app, always something wrong with it, latest is it won't delete emails 😣  ·  Reviewed

  13. Your app now seems lagged n slow. Why? Unfortunately the button of REPLY got tangle up with button below it in inbox when opening new email  ·  Responded

  14. Why Don't you get rid of this constant old news go back to an AOL that worked  ·  Reviewed

  15. Why can't I recieve email anymore?  ·  Support Request

  16. AOL/ Masque and Gamepoint games will not load, or get disconnected  ·  Responded

  17. post a visible link to password on every page on the Left column  ·  Support Request

  18. On the Welcome page, having us go page after page after page to read an article creates the kind of disgust I see in Facebook with theirs.  ·  Reviewed

  19. Problems with Thunderbird, Outlook and other mail clients  ·  Reviewed

  20. Can the delete, spam, and not spam buttons be colored or moved apart?  ·  Reviewed

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