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    I absolutely agree. I just got off the phone with AOL tech and they said it’s a new feature that cannot be changed.

    Currently when opening the iOS AOL App, its default is automatically opening to the View Category “HOME” instead of “INBOX” as the default.
    Please create a solution to revert back to having the default the “INBOX” page since it’s the main purpose of the app, it’s the preferred solution for the complaints and of course it’s what is expected since it was originally designed that way.
    Another option is to give end users a Settings option to change their View Category default page of their choice when automatically opening the AOL Mail app.
    Please consider this suggestion to your next update.

    I understand that it’s just one extra click, but it is actually annoying especially when you have two email addresses. Even after you click on the View Category “INBOX” for each email address, it will still automatically default right back to the “HOME” View Category when toggling between the email addresses.
    I believe the new change is annoying for your end users is partially due to one of the standard unwritten rules for apps and websites which is to make every effort to simplify the end users experience by attempting to reduce the amount of clicks required to reach the desired applicable page.

    I don’t believe it’s an “end users hate new change” issue because in this particular case most end users prefer clicking once to automatically see their inbox when opening their AOL Mail app because it’s convenient, again it’s the main purpose of the app and with so many other options to choose to retrieve news it’s literally decades late for almost all your end users to change their preferred news source. Besides, how is it possible to know if all the news is being represented or if it caters to an all political positions, all genders, all minority groups, human rights, etc. or is it full of fillers to distract from the real important issues of the country & the world like cooking recipes, entertainment, sports, celebrity news, “feel good” stories, fashion, etc or does it operate on an algorithm?
    I’m sure some end users would prefer any of those, but the question is, how would one know what’s being reported and what’s not, will we see all news stations & sources or only contracted ones, how is it decided, etc.?
    As I stated before, I’d guess that most end users already have a news source they prefer, know and trust for decades so the chance of “forcing” them to change by defaulting to the “HOME” page will just add to the annoyance.
    I do think having options is a good idea for those who want to consolidate other sources of information along with managing their emails.

    So in conclusion, I really am not a person who doesn’t embrace change and I actually despise the phrase, “because it’s always been that way”, but in this case, I really do think it’s the best solution for your end users to have options especially when you literally changed the default with no solutions. Maybe that was the purpose of your company’s decision for the sole purpose to ensure your end users noticed and experienced the “HOME” View Category page because after the analysis the results anticipated that only a low percentage would actually venture to view it on their own at all. Hopefully, you planned on only having no options to change it were temporarily until the next update.

    Thank you in advance for the consideration of creating a solution to my suggestion.

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