1. Password storage - response  ·  Duplicate

  2. useless AOL response to gold problems  ·  Duplicate

  3. Try this on your computer.  ·  Duplicate

  4. email confirmation  ·  Responded

  5. GOLD support is Totally INCOMPETENT + UNCARING  ·  Duplicate

  6. GOLD SUPPORT  ·  Duplicate

  7. Where's Gold in Chat for Customer Support - they said they don't do Gold! Time wasted!  ·  Responded

  8. Things I have sent to you about GOLD response  ·  Responded

  9. Unauthorized change to my credit card yesterday. Card has been cancel.  ·  Support Request

  10. Gold needs to have a TEAM focus on the many issues it has...take 9.8 and make it better -more robust...Let Gold be the shinning star for AOL  ·  Responded

  11. Fix the problems!!  ·  Responded

  12. I need to access my e0mail without logging in  ·  Responded

  13. Duplicate Emails  ·  Duplicate

  14. Don't like your "fake news." Give me the capability to turn it off.  ·  Gathering Feedback

  15. GOLD STINKS  ·  Responded

  16. Writing an email, I daily hae 2 choose a color. Each day I have 2 do again. Pls. make color (cuson) logged into box, so I don't have 2 daily  ·  Gathering Feedback

  17. Fix the AOL Gold program so that it loads out faster. The new Desktop is touted as being faster, but it takes forever to load out.  ·  Support Request

  18. BCC in write mail is not compatible with excel spreadsheet data need to fix this issue cannot send bulk emails with this feature  ·  Under Review

  19. Cannot Import Entire PFC + Subfolders  ·  Support Request

  20. I was an active Beta Tester yet I was not able to continue using AOL Desktop Gold for Free  ·  Responded

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