1. AOL Return Responses – Notify Us  ·  Gathering Feedback

  2. Sending Email  ·  Responded

  3. NEWS "TODAY on AOL"  ·  Gathering Feedback

  4. Why am I not being allowed to sign on and getting the following message?  ·  Reviewed

  5. My Data Export/Import  ·  Support Request

  6. Try fixing all the problems. There is no way one can read a blank page story it does not come up.  ·  Information Requested

  7. Please DO NOT discontinue portfolios! You have the best! Yahoo is terrible!  ·  Gathering Feedback

  8. IPad update works poorly for AOL email ;(  ·  Responded

  9. Transfer saved email  ·  Completed

  10. Restore the ability to comment on articles  ·  Under Review

  11. My AOL mail is freezing up and it takes forever to open an email or a new message. Why is this occurring on just my laptop?  ·  Responded

  12. report malware  ·  Responded

  13. Sometimes my mail will not load. It has been frustrating.  ·  Responded

  14. Please STOP all the AOL pop ups on sign in. I've set preferences NOT to have pop ups, and yet each time I sign in, there's AOL Games popup.  ·  Reviewed

  15. I comment on aol news stories, and they wont get posted1  ·  Responded

  16. Stop the ads, nothing more nothing less AOL. lets start a cancellation policy  ·  Gathering Feedback

  17. AOL desktop Gold is working so slow. Hoping that this will fix soon. Thank you  ·  Responded

  18. Spam Reports  ·  Gathering Feedback

  19. Stop being so libral.  ·  Reviewed

  20. TRUMP Political Ad  ·  Gathering Feedback

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