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AOL Gold stinks... absolutely

I've had an AOL subscription for more than 20 years and have saved my read email chain going back to the earliest days of my subscription. I've moved, relatively painlessly, through various versions of AOL desktop from its beginnings. But AOL Desktop GOLD is clearly more about distributing ADS than it is about the needs or wants of AOL subscribers. About six weeks into my AOL Gold experience, the desktop quit working completely and I had to call for support to get it to allow me to sign on with any user name. The support person did her job and got me back online. It's now about six weeks later and I cannot easily access my emails or delete any of the many junk emails I receive because the Desktop stalls out when I hit the delete command. Nothing happens, I get a message stating that AOL is "not responding" and no additional commands, even "quit" are recognized. After a long, long time, the Desktop recovers. I now see that this hang-up is related to the ridiculous animation in Ads, which permeate the screen.. animated ads on the main screen with more animated ads on the email client. Each hangup and suspension of response to further commands lasts in perfect time to the next changeover of an Ad- usually the Ad on the email client. The App is virtually unusable on my system, which operates on an AMD dual core processor running Windows 64 bit Professional with 4GB of memory.

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    So tired of calling tech support. Stuff never gets fixed. GOLD is terrible. Go back to earlier version until you can get the bugs out. This will need an exterminator.

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