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I just read an article that has me shaking my head. If you are going to help people who literally do not do their job and find them self laid off and fired with them being the root cause of their problem. BuzzFeed and the other news agencies that point blank ran fake stories do smear Americans? They screwed up big time I would not be backing up individuals that tried to pass off their made up opinions as news. You may wish to check their stories before you publish. And yes they should probably do the same thing the coal miners and construction workers have been told to do for way too long and that's learn how to code. They've destroyed people's lives and their bordering on terrorism my defending known hate groups doxxing children. They deserve everything they get. If you want to continue with their line and dribble we can go ahead and put you on the list to. We As Americans have been sick and tired and over it for a long time. I hope you guys quickly get a clue and write article to clear it up.

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